Painless root canal treatment in vasant kunj

root canal treatment

Painless root canal treatment in vasant kunj

Root Canal Treatment: Getting the basics right!

Toothaches are painful, without a doubt and most definitely require a trip to the dentist. But the much dreadful visit to the dentist’s office need not be as feared as generally considered to be.

Dr. Lilly, a leading dentistry clinic in Vasant Kunj believes in providing personalized dental solutions to patients, with a touch of compassion. And our highly satisfied patients in the past are a proof of just that.


What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure, wherein the affected tooth is repaired, instead of being removed. Once the pulp becomes infected, it cannot repair by itself. The entire process involves the removal of the damaged area of the tooth, its complete cleaning and disinfection.

But, first, who needs Root Canal Treatment in the first place?

To answer this question, you need to understand the key symptoms associated with Root Canal Treatment.

If you or your loved one is experiencing any one of the following symptoms, you need to get help immediately. Restore your natural teeth, without having to remove it.

  • Pain and discomfort ranging from sharp to a dull ache and could be severe enough to cause sleep difficulties.
  • Swelling, infection and tenderness in the gum region
  • A mild fever
  • A general feeling of uneasiness and discomfort lasting more than a week.
  • Darkened teeth and gums
  • Teeth nerve exposures


An inflammation in roots of the tooth requires immediate medical attention from a doctor who understands and truly values patient-doctor relationship. Such a reputed dentist in Vasant Kunj is Dr. Lilly’s Dentistry, a team of professionals who pride themselves for “retaining their patient’s introductory smile”. It is this attitude that has helped her clinic establish itself as the leading dentistry clinic in Vasant Kunj.

Patients seeking a completely affordable, quick and painless root canal treatment in Vasant Kunj should make an appointment with Dr.Lilly’s and get their tooth problems addressed at the immediate. Keep in mind that when speaking of dental problems, help is merely a phone call away.

Steps involved in Root Canal Procedure:

  1. X Ray of the infected area:

A professional dentist would firstly take an X Ray of the root canal in order to determine the size and the damage created in the surrounding bone area.

  1. Anesthesia

The next step would be to use a local Anesthesia to numb the pain associated with the nerve cells, although it would not be necessary since the nerve cell is already dead.

  1. Using dental dam to keep the operated saliva-free

In order to complete your treatment, your dentist will then place a dental dam to keep the infected area saliva free.

  1. Final removal of the infected area

An access hole would later be drilled into the infected area as a form of completing the entire cleansing process.

  1. Sealing of the tooth area

Once your dentist deems the entire treatment to be complete, he/she will then seal the tooth, either with or without medication.

  1. Restoration of the root canal to its initial state

Following successful root canal treatment, your doctor will then take steps to ensure mending of the root canal. This is essential to the entire recovery process to ensure that the affected area does not sustain any further weakness or damage. Your dentist will work with you to ensure that you walk out the clinic stress free and of course, a brighter smile.

  1. What follows after successful treatment?

Once the root canal treatment has been completed and your dentist deems you fit to leave the office, you’ll be prescribed pain relieving medications such as Ibufran or an antibiotic to counteract the discomfort and pain that follows the treatment.

Voila, the root canal treatment is successful and your dental health is fully restored.

Now, that doesn’t sound that painful, does it?



A final word of advice:

Keep in mind though, that maintaining this perfect set of teeth is your responsibility too. So, remember to brush your teeth regularly, take the prescribed medications on time and never, ever skip your scheduled dentist appointment.


What Dr. Lilly’s comprehensive Root Canal Treatment includes:

  • Treatment conclusion in just a single visit.
  • Completely painless and quick treatment.
  • Cost effective and wallet friendly treatment options.
  • 100% computerized facility.
  • Trained and empathetic faculty.
  • A highly dependable field experience that patients can count upon.
  • Over thousands of satisfied patients are proof of our commitment and perfection in the field of dentistry.


With Dr. Lilly, A brighter smile is waiting for you. Help is just a phone call away!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at Dr. Lilly’s today. To schedule your visit, simply email us at appointments@localhost or call +91-9899765259.







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