Metal Free Crowns

Metal free dentistry in vasant kunj

Metal Free Crowns

At some point of time, almost all of us experience damage to the surface of our teeth. They get chipped, cracked or discolored and its causes can be numerous. It can be natural effects of day to day wear & tear or some other severe trauma. And when this kind of damage or decay becomes significant, a crown is fixed to the tooth after properly reducing it. The main purpose of the crown is to cover the damaged tooth. But it also strengthens it improving its overall appearance and alignment in the mouth. The affected tooth is reduced by the dentist and a custom-made tooth is bonded to its surface. This artificial tooth is called a crown. These are also used to anchor bridges. Bridges are the structures used to replace missing teeth. If the damage extends to the root of the tooth, a bridge or an implant may be a better solution. A proficient dentist can suggest the different options for restoration of teeth after examining the patient.

Nowadays, latest materials are used to make crowns, inlays, outlays and veneers. The ceramic used is many times stronger than the traditional porcelain. Different materials are used depending on the location of restoration. These crowns are totally metal free and made from the latest material Zirconia using computer aided design and manufacturing. Thus there is no chance for lab error. Zirconia crowns are ten times stronger than the age old traditional crowns and they are the optimum choice for restorations in the back of the mouth. The material matches to the exact color of the teeth. Zirconia ceramic crowns are an excellent choice for the front teeth because of its high aesthetics.

The procedure for fitting crown involves removing any decay and shaping the tooth for the crown. The crown must be strong and thick so as to withstand chewing and other functions. It is required therefore that the natural tooth below the crown should be reduced. Then the impression of the tooth is taken and how your teeth fit together is noted. A temporary crown is then fitted, while the permanent one is constructed in the dental lab. The crown thus prepared by proficient technicians fits perfectly with your bite and look like natural teeth. The color of the crown is also perfectly matched with the original color of the teeth. On the next visit, the temporary crown is removed and the new crown is fitted and carefully checked. The final crown is then cemented in its place replacing the tooth to its natural strength, appearance and function ( Metal Free Dentistry in Vasant Kunj).

Crowns can last a lifetime if properly maintained. The best way to achieve this is through proper dental care and oral health. The go-to methods of keeping your teeth healthy is brushing and flossing twice a day every morning and night. Using a good toothpaste and a proper brush can keep your teeth spotless. Special care must be taken of your back molars. However, scheduling regular checkups with your dentist is the key to sustaining good oral hygiene.

Metal Free Dentistry in Vasant Kunj

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