Scaling and Gum Treatment

Scaling And Gums Treatment

Get the plaque removed with expert scaling using the hand as well as ultrasonic instruments at Dr. Lilly’s dentistry (Dentist in Vasant kunj). After a thorough examination, we also perform root planning along with so that gum tissues can stay firm with the teeth.

Normal cleaning cleans the surface of the teeth but scaling undergoes gum line to remove all the plaque and makes the roots healthy. Basically, there are two methods of teeth scaling and gum treatment:

1. In handheld treatment, dentists use a thin instrument called curette to scrape the plaque beneath the teeth where your toothbrush usually cannot reach.

2. In ultrasonic treatment, an instrument with a vibrating metal tip combined with cool water spray is used to chip away the tarter as the water flushes out. It may be uncomfortable a bit if you have sensitive gums so discuss with your dentist for desensitizing the treated to be area if you don’t want to feel any pain or discomfort. And follows the after treatment instructions given by your dentist to enjoy the benefits of this treatment.

If You are Suffering From
  • Stained and dirty teeth
  • Mobile teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Smelly mouth
  • Sensitivity of teeth
  • Flabby gums
  • Food impaction in teeth

That means its time to see Dr. Lilly Singh

Scaling is a procedure to remove tartar, plaque, microorganisms on the teeth and gums.Root planning is smoothening the root surfaces so that gum tissues attach firmly to teeth. In more advanced cases, It is difficult for the dentist to reach diseased tissues. So gums are folded back to get direct access to roots. It is a painless procedure with min post-operative discomfort. If you are suffering meet today.

Teeth Before & After Scaling And Gums Treatment

No More Bleeding

No Smell

No Germs

Healthy Gums For Better Life

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